Medical Care In Paradise.  Learn How To Protect Your Health While on Vacation or as an Expat Living Overseas

Watch this webinar to learn everything you need to know about medical care in Mexico

When you travel or live overseas, one of the key concerns you should have is the quality, accessibility, and affordability of medical care wherever you roam.  
The good news is there are lots of great options to protect your health - and your pocketbook! Check them out!

3 Great Options for Quality Low-cost Medical Care In Mexico

If you are over 65, Medicare Advantage Plan offers you  a great low-cost option for your medical care in both the US and worldwide!  And when living in Mexico, you can join a Mexico-wide PPO - Lakeside Medical Group - which will accept your US medical insurance coverage, and will provide managed care with no deductibles or copays. It will even pay your hospital bill in advance before treatment or emergency surgery so you don't have to pay it and wait months for reimbursement.

Plus I have found a great low-cost US travel insurance plan which combines with Lakeside to waive the $5,000 deductible to get quality emergency coverage with no deductibles and no copays for just a couple of dollars per day which even covers pre-existing conditions.

Medicare Coverage for Americans 65+

A Medicare Advantage Plan will provide worldwide urgent and emergency care with no deductibles or copays

Free Mexico PPO for Low-or No-cost Managed Care

Lakeside Medical offers free managed care for expats in Mexico with local clinics and no hospital prepayment

Low Cost Emergency Medical Plan for Mexico

Check out this affordable plan for emergency care in Mexico for a couple of dollar per day based on age - with no deductible or copay

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As an expat in Mexico, you will have a lot of health insurance options to choose from, each with different pros and cons.

How to Find a Dental Clinic in Mexico: Dentist, Cost, and Quality

You can get great dental care in Mexico, at a fraction of the cost of services in the US.  And you will find excellent well-trained dentists to provide quality services.

The Complete Guide to Getting Dental Implants in Mexico

What’s more, getting dental implants in Mexico can save you a lot of money — it’s 50%-70% cheaper than getting them in the United States.

Vacation Medical Insurance

Medical insurance for international travelers  for single or multiple trips from 5 days to 12 months abroad

Expat Medical    Insurance

Long term annually renewable medical insurance for individuals and families living or traveling overseas

Trip Interruption Insurance

Protect yourself from trip interruption, delay, cancellation, and emergency medical evacuation

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More Helpful Information on Medical Care in Mexico

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